Welcome to, Dimensions in Senior Living


For over 25 years, the staff of Dimensions in Senior Living has been in the business of
providing quality housing and caring for the seniors that call a Dimensions Senior
Living Community home. At Dimensions in Senior Living, we have been entrusted with
caring for over 1000 elderly persons in our communities.

At the center of the operation in each of Dimensions’ senior housing
communities is the goal of providing seniors an environment in which they can
enjoy their retirement, maintain or enhance their life-style, live with dignity, and
remain as independent as possible. Each of the senior housing projects is a
community made up of individuals with preferences, ideas and friendship to offer
one another. Dimensions has shown that senior housing can be provided in a
high quality manner while still operating a fiscally responsible community. Our
communities are designed to blend a combination of living, dining, and recreation
in an attractive, secure, pleasant setting.